One Time Backup Service

A one time backup will preserve all your data up to the point when the back up is made. SEMOSinformatika will make a backup of all your important files such as pictures, financial data, e-mails, office documents, favorites, and what ever else you require to be saved.

Continuous Data Backup Service

SEMOSinformatika will setup your computer so all your data will always be backed up. Everyday all your important files will be backed up onto an external hard drive. Should your computer crash or the hard drive fail all your documents, pictures, e-mails, will be safe.

  • We will connect the external hard drive
  • Install and configure the backup software
  • Do an initial full back-up.
  • Configure the backup software to perform a backup everyday, automatically, you won’t have to do a thing.


SEMOSinformatics provides on-site support services. We offer a wide range of services from virus removal and system cleaning to hardware upgrades and regular maintenance. Our on-site support service allows us to repair your computer without having to have it serviced.

We are able to work within your schedule and do our best to ensure that you are responsive and responsive to your computer support needs. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service and to assist you in every way possible.

SEMOSinformatics offers door-to-door home repair.

In keeping with our promise, you still do not need to leave your home. We’ll get to your home and download your computer. When the repair is complete, we will return it to your door … all at no extra cost!

That’s not all …

Upgrade your service with an additional computer setup service and we will get to your house, unplug all cables and download your computer. When the repair is complete, we will ship your computer, reconnect all cables, and ensure that it works.

Most computer problems can be solved remotely. There is no dragging your computer to a local repair shop or an unknown person to your house. We can safely connect to your computer or Mac. Our remote repair service is very convenient. In most cases, we can guarantee same-day service.

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