Comprehensive IT audit

Computers have become an integral part of the business and it is important that the business IT system is up to date and up to date. Resources are needed to keep them in good working order, and those resources must be used expediently.

The purpose of conducting a comprehensive IT audit is to assess the current state of the computer systems and their equipment (computers, servers, network devices, printers, multimedia devices, software, etc.), to identify bottlenecks and to provide solutions to eliminate them. Audit is a good basis for developing an IT strategy and planning future hardware and software investments.

The report provides an overview of the hardware used, its capabilities, as well as the software applications used and related issues. In addition, it gives an overview of the possibilities for the employees of the sub-agencies to use the available IT tools in their daily work, including compliance with the established requirements.

The report would allow management to avoid slowing down the development of the agency due to hardware and software issues and at the same time avoiding unnecessary spending in the industry.

IT audit results

The audit results in a separate document for each sub-agency describing the current situation, potential problems and solutions. In addition, we would draw up a summary document to give an overview of the IT situation of each of the subsidiaries as a whole.

Score / Rating Description
An overview of the hardware used An estimate of all computer jobs.
An overview of the software used Description and rating of software used.
An overview of the needs of computer users Meeting needs and desires.
Assessment of IT infrastructure Infrastructure maintenance and perspective.
Overview of information system security Basic security control.
Software licenses overview List of licensing deficiencies.
An overview of resource efficiency Evaluation of the use of resources.
An overview of the sub-agency’s IT development plan Evaluation of the development plan.
Overview of IT services organization Evaluation of work efficiency.
List of main problems Identifying key issues.
Evaluation of documentation Evaluation of IT documentation
Possible solutions Description of possible solutions for the subsidiary to supplement or develop the development plan

IT audit activities

The audit should specify the objectives and expected results of the audit, then conduct audit activities, prepare an audit report and identify possible future developments.

Action Description
Inspection of computer workplaces Rating for all computers. Staff rating.
Infrastructure Inspection Computer Network Design and Perspective. Shcable and Wifi
Inspection of printing equipment Cost and availability of printing equipment.
Multimedia review Situation and needs of multimedia devices.
Servers and server software Server Usage and Features. Backup and UPS.
Application software review Software Usage and Disadvantages.
Interviewing users Selective interviewing of people in different roles.
Interviewing management Interviewing Management on IT Coordination.
Getting to know your IT strategy  Review of documentation and evaluation of the development plan.
Review of Licensing Checking and comparing invoices with the software used.
Outsourced Solutions What services are procured?
Review of work organization What are the problems and how are they solved?
Backup inspection How do I back up? Is it working?  

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