How do I get information on how business critical information systems work? How to measure the quality of your IT service? How to solve IT problems faster?

The vision monitoring system is built on the platform of the popular Nagios monitoring system, which runs on a stable Linux Debian operating system. We use the Nagios distribution for monitoring. With millions of developers worldwide, Nagios has become the standard for IT monitoring in the world. Despite the simplicity of the user interface used by SEMOSinformatika, Nagios is highly configurable.

How much does it cost?

Equipment and service monitoring is free for service contract customers, hourly paying customers, support customers, and others:

monitoring server installation – 295EUR + km
if necessary, shared hosting – from 75EUR + km / month
adjustment work – 45EUR / h + km
In case of virtual server rental, intranet scanning is done using VPN virtual private network. The client must have a VPN enabled network device.

Why monitor?

There are major failures for business services

Real-time information is available on the operation of information systems equipment

The parameters and quality of the services provided by the devices have been measured

Monitoring information helps resolve potential incidents

The results of measuring devices and services can be used to see trends

Malfunctions in IT services are detected before they are discovered by the client

Performance data can be used to plan new devices

Service data measured over several years can be very useful information

Monitoring makes the daily work of specialists easier

The main information is sent by e-mail. It is also possible to configure the system to send SMS messages. It is possible to set up separate notifications for different people, at different times, and for different devices or services.

The data is stored in a database and all information can be viewed in the form of graphs, charts or text. It is also possible to use NagVis with additional geographic maps or photos of information systems device cabinets or locations.

Yes, we can build you a system and give you guides and instructions for future use.

The monitoring service has an owner who complements the continuous monitoring service, is managed on a daily basis by the service manager, and has a team of specialists who deal with routine issues.

Yes, integration with the most common relevant softwares exists, may require some configuration.

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