GDPR Service

SEMOSinformatika helps the company to comply with GDPR. It is important to know what data are being collected, for what purpose and on what legal basis. The information system must be set up in such a way that the data is not kept longer than necessary and is not accessible to unauthorized persons. In addition, it is necessary to have a log of the use of the data – what, why, and why, and if necessary, the person must be certified to delete his or her data. Alignment with the GDPR implies the use of appropriate technical solutions and, in particular, a change in people’s mindset / corporate culture with regard to personal data. We support many clients in the technical implementation of GDPR.

What data is protected under GDPR?

Basic personal information: full name, home address, personal identification code, document number
Person geolocation and device data: current location, IP address, cookie data, RFID tags, browser cookies,
Web data: nicknames and usernames, social media posts and pictures, email
Health and genetic data: physical health, mental health, diseases
Biometric data: face, fingerprints, signature
Bank details: Credit card details
Vehicle and driver details: driving license number, car details
Racial or ethnic data
Political opinions
Sexual orientation

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