Fleet rentals allow you to always use up-to-date computers and, if you wish, additional services within a single monthly payment. As a rental service provider, we take care of the health of our computers and ensure that the rental price does not exceed the purchase price.

For computer and equipment rental services, please contact us for a personalized quote for each customer!

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Customize Your Computer Rental Service

The prepared computer will be delivered and installed by the SEMOSrentIT specialists.
Upon agreement with the client, the domain will be joined and software installation will be assisted.

Computer health information is available to SEMOSrentIT and assistance is provided when needed.
When hardware problems occur, we replace the computer. A more demanding customer can also buy IT support and maintenance services from us.

All rental computers include a basic service.

The following services can be included in the monthly rental of computers:

The service includes hardware troubleshooting and major software problems (fresh installation). Hired computers send their health information to the SEMOSrentIT Helpdesk and our specialists can provide quick assistance in case of problems. Basic service specialists give basic advice to make it easier for the customer to identify errors. The basic service also includes computer insurance.

By adding support to your base computer rental service, staff can call our helpdesk for help and advice on more specific application software and accessories. A support specialist can provide assistance by phone, email or remote administration. In agreement with the client, SEMOSrentIT Professionals update Microsoft software, control antivirus and backup.

In agreement with the client we provide anti-virus from different manufacturers and remote management and reporting of virus protection. We find the right solution for every customer. The cost of the antivirus is monthly.

We make automatic backups and help you recover your data. Prices depending on the amount of data or choice of solution. We provide local backup and cloud backup.

We sell software and finance the purchase of software and assist with software installation. We provide Office 365 and Google Drive services. On rental computers we can also provide software from all major manufacturers.


In addition to offering good prices, we also know how to help and advise, and provide additional services that others do not. Our advantage is that our service is not just about sending a new computer, but providing the customer with the solution he needs (eg on-site deployment). Compared to many renters, our technical expertise is high while being readily available. We can also partner with other IT issues and are more flexible than big providers.


In cooperation with the client we carry out a review of the current IT situation and explain what solutions the client should order. We are a good partner in needs analysis precisely because we provide IT maintenance to dozens of companies and we also conduct regular IT audits – we are well-informed on a day-to-day basis and can provide more specific advice.

We have direct contacts with various manufacturers and wholesalers around the world – so we can get you good prices. For many customers, buying computers at the same time gives us a price advantage.

We finance the entire computer fleet according to the customer’s needs and, if necessary, repurchase the equipment at the end of the contract period.

In order to minimize the impact of unexpected events on your business, we provide insurance for the entire rental computer fleet.

We prepare, install, and configure all our computers first. By doing so many computers at one time in a factory we save time.

We deliver computers, install and set up and verify that everything is what the individual employee wants.

According to the agreement, we will either buy back the equipment, help to dispose of it or dispose of it.

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