Microsoft NetWork 8 Conference

Microsoft NetWork 8 Conference

Microsoft Network 9, the largest business and technology conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be held from March 27 to 29, 2019 in Neum.

This year, the conference will include relevant and globally topical topics related to artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, digital transformation, modern work environment, business applications, cloud infrastructure, open source software, security, advanced analytics and business intelligence, DevOps and multi-platform development.

NetWork gathers an ever-increasing network of people every year who, without any hesitation, exchange their experience and knowledge and make business arrangements. Experts from IT and other fields will exchange experiences at the conference in the application of modern technological and digital achievements, primarily in business. NetWorK will meet IT professionals and enthusiasts, managers, members of the academic community and students, economic analysts, representatives of media outlets, representatives of government institutions, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

All information on the NetWork 9 conference under the slogan Connecting the Dots is available on the official web site of the conference, through which you can also apply for participation. News on NetWork 9 are also available through social networks: Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and LinkedIn .

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