Advantages of the service

  • Overview of computer settings
  • Proactive service
  • Overview of computer settings
  • Prevent mistakes
  • In case of an error, react early
  • Several jobs are automated
  • Managed software updates
  • Many jobs do not interfere with the user
  • Manage multiple computers at the same time
  • Overview of business critical processes

Proactive IT service

Managed IT Services is a state-of-the-art IT support or maintenance service provided by professionals using specialized maintenance software. The maintenance software allows you to collect computer configuration information, log files, and usage statistics. The software can detect many bugs much earlier than they cause problems for the user. Many minor errors can be resolved without the user being aware of their occurrence. The service also allows many errors to be resolved without user intervention, including updating and installing various software. The software gives professionals very good insight into the state of your computer and allows you to react early to various performance or software problems. The service provider has an up-to-date overview of all computers, their usage and condition. Not all issues can be identified or resolved sooner, but with proactive service we save up to 25% of the time and avoid a number of issues that might otherwise need to be addressed later. In many cases, the user is contacted, not the other way around.

We detect many errors before the user notices them:

Hardware failures, including hard drive failures, are overlooked
Overloading your computer with some programs
Software updates
Important settings changes
Third-party obsolete software
Antivirus incidents and bugs
How the backup works
Licensing errors
Stopping business critical programs
Less user interference, more automation:

Minor user distraction when providing support and maintenance
Many activities can be done in the background
Send Microsoft software updates
Send third-party software updates
Your computer’s parameters and software overview is up to date
Perform automatic actions when errors occur
Verification of access rights

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